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Gaggero Cemats

Velfont New Jersey Fitted Sheet

The bedding collection features a range of calm, timeless colours crafted from elastic knitted jersey cotton fabric. Designed to naturally dress your bed and bring that extra touch of harmony to your home.

Available in mottled colours, with essential tones to personalize your dreams and satisfy the preferences of comfort lovers who seek bedding that prioritizes comfort without unnecessary flair.

The fitted sheet comes with elastic and seams on all four corners for a snug fit.

To create your own sleep sanctuary, this fitted sheet pairs seamlessly with a matching duvet cover and pillowcase.

Ideal for comfort lovers: those who appreciate items that evoke a sense of home and provide unparalleled comfort, often forgetting they're even there because they feel so... content.

Ideal for:

  • Experiencing excessive sweating during sleep
  • Suitable for kids
  • Seeking the utmost comfort
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